Day 329: Park it Forward

Vancouver Stanley Park

Many of us have heard the term “Pay If Forward.”

It’s a simple concept: “One act of kindness can change everything.”

Today’s give is based on this principle by paying forward some parking to a stranger. I am hoping it will inspire you to “Park it Forward” one day as well.

Day 329: Give 329


Day 270: Give a Key, Help the Homeless and Pay it Forward


The give today is in honour of my sister Karen Somers. Today is her birthday – Happy Birthday girlfriend! She lives in LA so I don’t always get the opportunity to celebrate with her. One of the things I love about my relationship with this sister ( I have 3!) is we do the girlie stuff together. … READ MORE

Day 200: How is Giving Measured?

I was told by my sister who is in visiting from California that this “give is lame.” It made me laugh as I told her it isn’t about the size of the give it was the intention that counted. Do you think that giving actually has a size? Is a $1,000,000 donation a big give coming from a billionaire that … READ MORE

Day 119: Pay it Forward

A Little Spring in Your Day

Today is all about giving and receiving. Or as it has been refereed the Pay it Forward theory. I have a dear friend who, about every 6 weeks, calls me to asks for a “play date” with my son. My friend Liza is a retired school teacher and misses having children in her life. … READ MORE

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