Give 265: What if Your Child Just Stopped Moving?


Watch this video and you will know why I am taking the time to spread the word about Alternating Hemiphegia of Childhood Foundation. (AHCF Kids). I was asked by a Father to support this organization in hopes it will help his son.

Give 265: Day 265

You must be wondering what Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) is. It is … READ MORE

Day 219: Great Mom’s That Give Part 5: A Love Note to Your Child

Image: Vancouver Mom link to article

I remember when I first became a Mom and I read all the “How to..” books. All the advice on not picking your child up all the time and letting them cry themselves to sleep. I think I did the opposite of what the books said. I showered my baby with more love than … READ MORE

Day 218: Great Mom’s that Give Part 4 “IGIVE”

I have come to realized I could do an entire blog, 365 days of the year on “Great Mom’s that Give.” Every time I open twitter or Facebook I seem to have the honour of connecting with another generous Mother. Today’s Mom came to me for a very obvious reason. One of her blogs is called Give Every Day. We … READ MORE

Day 217: Great Mom’s that Give Part 3: Bubbles Make Him Smile

I recently met my next guest and Mom via the Vancouver Mom site. We are both blessed to be nominated as one of Vancouver Mom’s most fabulous bloggers. Please feel free to vote for us both! Tanaya has a son with autism. I was going to do a post on Tanaya last week during Autism Month but both laughed … READ MORE

Day 216: Great Mom’s that Give: Part 2 We aren’t all Sarah McLachlan

Yesterday, I started my special 5 part “Great Mom’s that Give” series in honour of Mother’s Day with super star Mother, Sarah McLachan. Not every mother is a rock star nor has the ability to set up a personal Foundation but it doesn’t mean we don’t all have the ability to do something in our busy lives. This next … READ MORE

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