Day 250: The Smile Train: What if Your Child Couldn’t Smile?


I couldn’t image a day without seeing my son smile at me. It happens a 1000 times a day and it is one of the greatest gifts I could receive. Children all over the world are born without the ability to smile and one little girl is trying to change it.

Day 250: Give 250

One kids helps to improve the lives of other kids with cleft lip and palate

Andy at Birth


Day 249: Help Harry Help Others: One Boy Changing the World of Brain Tumours


This is part 3 of a 4 part series featuring children that are changing the world. Watch Harry’s video. No promises you won’t shed a tear but this is your chance to help Harry.

Day 249: Give 249

If you aren’t familiar with Kids Are Heroes you should be. I am thrilled I have been connected with them as … READ MORE

Day 248: Is Your Child an Every Day Hero? Share Your Story


This is part 2 of a 4 part series featuring remarkable kids that give. Kids are Heroes is a unique organization that embraces and encourages kids to be philanthropic at any age.

Do you teach your child to give? Do you teach your child that they can change the world? Watch this next video and you will see what READ MORE

Day 247: What Would You Do if Your Kid Was an Every Day Hero? Part 1 of 4


Today I am starting a special series on some very special kids that deserve to be recognized. You have to watch this video. It amazes me every day how children are changing the world. They are finding it in their hearts (along with the support of their parents) to do something that really matters in the world. They are … READ MORE

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