Day 354: Family Give Day: The Sister Give

365give declares Sister giving day today


I think we have all heard the saying ‘Charity begins at home‘ and this week this could not be more true!  My sister has started this movement, where she writes everyday, gives everyday to people she knows, people she does not know, the planet, international organizations and tons of other causes and projects. She has … READ MORE

Day 227: Do You Give Without Realizing It? Small Acts of Giving Count too!

Nicolas with his Grandmothers

It struck me today that I do something almost every single week to give and I don’t even think twice about it. Do you do something in your life to give without realizing it?

It’s the simple things that make such a difference. It only takes one person to create positive change in the world and … READ MORE

191: The Stock Market Creates Soup for the Soul Tweet Your Favourite Soup!

The Stock Market

What is the one thing we all love to eat when we are feeling under the weather?

Soup. Chicken, tomato, barley, leek, sweet potato, the list goes on. What’s your favourite to make you feel better?

I had a chance to give a little feel good soul soup to a family member that desperately needs a … READ MORE

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