Day 274: A Simple Give from a 3 year old Kid

Giving can come naturally as long as we teach our kids give at any age.

Nicolas and GranJan

I have been asked many times if my son is learning anything about giving as I “give” back to the world every day. The answer is simple – absolutely! We were reading a book two days ago that was talking about the planet and ways we could help protect it. I asked him to tell me some … READ MORE

Day 268: Giving Can Be Simple: One Small Act Eases the Pain

A small act of kindness can change a bad situation to good

My Neighbours Tree Knocked Down by the Garbage Truck

Have you ever seen something and later thought could I have done something to help? Something to give?

Today I did and I decided to help ease the pain for my neighbours.

Day 268: Give 268

My son loves to watch the garbage trucks come by our house. We get 3 … READ MORE

Day 228: What Small Act Have You Done That May Have Changed the World? 10 Small Acts Here!

I recently came across this documentary called “A Small Act“. It amazed me to the point I wanted to share it. It’s the story of one women that sponsored a child in Kenya who came back years later to thank her for her support. He is now creating huge change in the world especially in Africa. 365give’s mission … READ MORE

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