When I first start 365give one of the first “gives” I completed on my 365 days of giving mission was to give a small loan through Kiva. Today I have enough money returned to me I can re-loan it and help another person. If you haven’t heard of Kiva read on – it changes people’s lives.

Day 285: Give 285

It’s Kiva day! If you haven’t heard of Kiva I hope this will inspire a great new way for you to give. They have a simple mission. Instead of making people reliant on hand outs they give them the support and money they need to get themselves out of poverty. By providing small loans that are funded by many people, Kiva borrowers have a chance to start or expand their business that will help keep a roof over their head, feed their family and get their children to school. The funds are paid back – reason I have been able to do 4 loans to date – and the giving just keep on going. Here is my Kiva loan story today.

I have a soft spot for women trying to make their life and their families lives better, so I went onto the Kiva site today and chose Alba Lorena Huete Castillo as my loan recipient . Here is her profile:

Kiva keeps giving

“Alba Lorena has four children in her care. With a lot of effort, this lady has managed to create her own way of earning a living. Her business is buying and selling cattle. She has had this business for more than 21 years. She is a very responsible person and is happy to talk to her customers as every day she feels blessed to have the customers that she currently has. She is requesting this loan to buy a lot of cows.”

I have a small business that I run part time and 1 child. I couldn’t imagine managing 4 children and a business that your family depends on for their lively hood. Alba’s loan is for $1125.00. I don’t have that kind of money to loan to anyone let alone a stranger but I had $25.00 on my Kiva credit that I did contribute. In no time at all with the help of many people that loan will be fully funded. Kiva has been remarkable successful over the years and it amazed me how many people they have already helped with our help – the lenders.

  • 598,457 Kiva lenders
  • $227 million in loans
  • 98.78% Repayment rate

Take look at Kiva today. It is a great way to keep giving all year round and you always get your money back to give again. Give today!

Time Commitment: 2 minutes to make my loan

Cost: $25.00 Kiva Credit no new money spent


  1. Love Kiva! I am on my third loan. I gifted my grandfather with some Kiva credit a few years ago and he has kept it up to eight.

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