Every drop makes a difference to keep the ocean clean

One of the many ways my family gives back is through ethical purchases.

We may not have millions dollars to donate but we do have to shop. My husband and are trying to make a difference with our purchasing power. Today my husband completed the give as he bought a new pair of sandals that are supporting our planet and giving back by a company that puts giving at the front of their mission.

Day 281: Give 281

We have somewhat traditional roles in our family except for one. My husband loves to shop for cloths. Shoes, shirts, pants, sweaters – it doesn’t really matter he just likes to shop. It took some time but I finally have got him on my shopping rules. When shopping the items have to say discount, sale, 50% off or free! He has has that part down to a science and now he looks for items that give back. Tags may read organic, recycled or a portion of your purchased donated.

Sandals that Give with every purchaseToday he brought home a product he couldn’t wait to show me. Not only did he get the required “sale” price but most importantly he got a new pair of sandals from a company called Ocean Minded that give back to the planet with every purchase.

“We feel that as both a corporation, and a group of individuals, it is essential to understand that‘eventually, everything ends up in the ocean.”

Ocean Minded has partnered with The Surfrider Foundation whom I posted about on Day 233. To date they have donated over $10,000 to help support this Foundation that also gives so much back to the planet. One of the things that impressed me most about Ocean Minded is not only do they donate a portion of each sale to charity but how their product is made. They make every effort to used materials that are:

  • Recycled
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Metal Free
  • Water Based Glue
  • Hemp

It doesn’t stop there the giving just keeps going. Over the last 2 years they have hosted over 70 volunteer beach clean ups and collected over 25,000 pounds of garbage. Just when I thought I was a good beach garbage picker!

Companies like Ocean Minded are popping up everywhere. From shoes, to soap, to your food –  you can make a decision to give back with many of your purchases. Before you buy something today think about how it will be impacting our planet?

Let us know what great products you purchase that are giving back. Leave a comment.

Cost: donation made by the company with the purchase

Time Commitment: 0

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  1. Perfectly win win! Thanks again for another inspiring idea, Jacqueline! Just in time… my husband needs new sandals.

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