Day 213: Heart to Heart sends help for US Tornado Disaster Relief

Our planet seems a little upset these days. Shocking devastation is happening all over the world. Haiti, Japan and now in the US. A series of tornadoes hit the US this week and the people need our help to recover. Charity Navigator sent me a great reminder of the help that is required and organizations that are stepping up to … READ MORE

Day 212:How are Every Day Heroes the Back Bone of Philanthropy?


212 Days ago I started a personal mission. I committed to giving every day for 365 days. I believe you can change the world one give, one day at a time.

On May 4, 2011, I will celebrate World Give Day to bring an awareness to daily giving and highlight its many shapes and forms. Some gives are big, … READ MORE

Day 211: My Date with Craig (list)

Today was one of those days that was hard to give. My head was stuffed, my throat was sore and I was on the verge of coming down with the flu. Oh! the good old days when you could hop into bed and just not do anything all day. A sick day. How precious those are. Once you decide to … READ MORE

Day 210: It’s Never Too Late to Give – Do you Have Your Daffodil?


I have this philosophy that it’s never to late to give. Especially for cancer. It has touched almost everyone’s life. It’s touched mine more times than I care to admit. Do you have someone in your life it has touched? A friend, a family member, maybe even you. Today my give is to cancer and to show my … READ MORE

Day 209:Every Day Hero changes the Lives of Uganda Street Kids

I love the concept of “Every Day Heroes.” I know this topic has been done more than once but these heroes are the people of the world no one knows. They don’t do amazing philanthopic things for the recognition they do it because they believe in what they are accomplishing and have a passion for giving. They are filling the … READ MORE

Day 208: Give to the Planet & Give to Charity

My son Nicolas Hamming it Up!

Happy Earth Day month! My son and I are on a role and Earth Day inspires so much giving and it’s easy to participate. What did you doing this weekend to celebrate and support Earth Day?

My son and I found the perfect way to help the planet and donate to a great cause … READ MORE

Day 207: The Easter Bunny is an Every Day Hero

Happy Easter! It’s finally here. The eggs are hidden, the snacks were left out for the Easter Bunny and all hell is about to break loose when my 3 year old wakes up this morning. We will make bunny ears, blow eggs and paint them all finished off with a tradition Easter egg hunt. My son is blessed as was … READ MORE

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