Day 183: Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day!

Nic and the Cats

The rain has been coming down in Vancouver. The flowers are blooming and the garden is calling my name but we can’t even get out to play at the moment as the rain just doesn’t hold up. I know you may think it rains in Vancouver all the time but it actually doesn’t (shhh don’t … READ MORE

Day 182: The Simplest Give of All

Nicolas Way

I have to give this “give” to my son. He amazes me every day with his kind heart, his thoughtful personality and his charm. If I had done this today  I would never think of it as a “give” … READ MORE

Give 181: Take Action Now! The Wolves Need Us

My giving reaches to all parts of the world including people, the planet and animals. It could be a lost dog, plastic bags to close to the ocean or even a star fish that has gotten washed up a little to far on the beach. Giving doesn’t stop because of a person’s colour, how clean or dirty a lost dog … READ MORE

Day 180:Changing the World One Child at a Time

Carli & Robert

My post yesterday (Day 180) ended up pulling my heart strings. The post led to how a Vancouver company who donates proceeds from their sales to an organization called Carli’s Kid’s. After visiting Carli’s site I was instantly inspired to give.

Day 180: Give 180

Take one moment and imagine raising 14 children. No … READ MORE

Day 179: How to Change the World by Shopping!

I have discovered something very important. The world is a very small place and the 6 degrees of separation theory is alive and well. As we all know Twitter and Facebook and our blogging stretch across the world. The guest that I am featuring on 365give today lives pretty much in my back yard when you look at the world … READ MORE

Day 178: Earth Hour 8:30 pm Across the World

Today is a big day around the world. It’s been a big week. Twestival, World Water Day and now Earth Hour. If you missed the first two big world campaigns, don’t miss this one. It’s a time we can all give back to our planet and have a fun evening at the same time. We have our celebration … READ MORE

Day 177: Boom Boom Your Way to Giving

I was fortunate to come across a company recently that is doing some great things. They are all about giving which obviously would catch my attention.. They have created a giving game called BoomBoom Cards. This company took the Random Acts of Kindness concept and has turned it into a “card” game that is fun and trackable. I thought … READ MORE

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