Day 153: Top 5 Ways to Help Eliminate Hunger by 2015: Sign the Pledge

It’s 9:00 pm and I still haven’t completed a GIVE today. Good blogger I am. Committed to GIVING every day for 365 days but this day has gotten away from me. It went to a number of things out my control that challenge many of us every day:

1) Son down with the flu.

2) Had to do work for … READ MORE

Day 152: Whole Foods Meets Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Foods meets Whole Planet Foundation

Who doesn’t like shopping at Whole Foods. If you have one in your neighbourhood it is a real treat. We shop at Whole Foods at least once or twice a week. One of the things I like most about Whole Foods is they give you an opportunity to GIVE every time you shop.… READ MORE

Day 151: How to Change the World with a Bath!

I love my volunteer job. I can do it on my own time, when I choose and if I can fit it into my schedule. I help Mom’s in need and the call to action recently, have been Mom’s that have just had a new baby. My call to action came today and I put a few things aside to … READ MORE

Day 150: It’s Garbage Day! What a Mess!

Today’s GIVE hit me on the street at 7 am this morning. I could have walked around it or over it but I decided to stop and GIVE to the planet as well as my neighbour.

Day 150: Give 150

Every morning I walk my dog early before the day gets to busy. It was cold this morning. Very unusually … READ MORE

Day 149: Take a Friend to Lunch

Today’s GIVE was to a dear friend that needed some Mommy advice. Opportunities come up to GIVE in all kinds of ways and today I was GIVING to a friend that needed some support.

Day 149: Give 149

My girlfriend just announced she was pregnant with twins. Her first. Ouch. One is enough for most of us at a time, … READ MORE

Day 148: One Last Random Act of Kindness

This isn’t really 365give’s last Random Act of Kindness but I did want to post one I got from a reader this past week. I loved the idea so much I dedicated my day to it.

Day 148: Give 148

I set myself for another form of giving. This one is not unusual , but more deliberate this time… I … READ MORE

Day 147: How a Kiva Gift Card Can Make You Feel

Ben, Alex and my son Nic

Over Christmas I gave my nephews (ages 15 & 12) Kiva gift cards as part of their holiday gift. If you aren’t familiar with Kiva this organization “connects people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

In the past I have given them cash and asked they give half to their favourite cause and … READ MORE

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