Day 124: I Would Rather Go Naked? I Made the Pledge Will You!

Taraji for PETA

I live in Canada. It gets cold here. I mean it can get really cold here. Fur trade was one of the very first businesses started in Canada by the Hudson Bay Company with the Native Indian Community. It kept the original Canadians warm through the cold winter months. Why not wear it now to stay warm?… READ MORE

Day 123: Take Part: Little Kids Rock

Today is my day to Take Part. I have book marked this site and added a note in my automatic calendar so I will remember to vote every Saturday for a different charity that is in the running to get a piece of a $1,000,000 donation from American Express. Last week I voted for Big Brothers and Big Sisters READ MORE

Day 122: Food Should Do Good

I have a confession. I don’t tell everyone, but I will admit it to you but don’t spread it around. I’m a salt hound! Some people are addicted to sugar but my fix is salt. The good news, I can have a few salty chips and put the bag away. I don’t have to sit and eat the whole things … READ MORE

Day 121: My Right Kidney: A story of the ultimate GIVE – life


Jessica Journey

I am slowly but surely learning my way around this thing called “Social Media. If you read “My Story” you will learn that when I initiated 365give I had never blogged, Tweeted, Facebook or YouTubed anything. I have had my own company for over a dozen years and have never even started a website.  After 120 … READ MORE

Day 120: Top 10 Reasons to Pick Up Garbage

I pick garbage frequently in my neighbourhood. For that matter, I pick up garbage just about every where I go. I pick it up when I travel (see Garbage Picking in Mexico ), along the street, down at the beach. My 3 year old son does it with me too. Today we have taken a different angle on this GIVE. … READ MORE

Day 119: Pay it Forward

A Little Spring in Your Day

Today is all about giving and receiving. Or as it has been refereed the Pay it Forward theory. I have a dear friend who, about every 6 weeks, calls me to asks for a “play date” with my son. My friend Liza is a retired school teacher and misses having children in her life. … READ MORE

Day 118: Heart & Music: The Legacy Lives On

There is a part of life which none of us can avoid called death. It touches all of our lives whether we like it or not. When someone close to you passes away it is heart breaking. It can hurt so much you feel like you will never get past the pain. Especially when it is your mother.

My mother … READ MORE

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