Day 323: Shop Your Way to Being Philanthropic

Deep River Snacks give with every bagI love food.

But I love wholesome food that makes my body feel good from the inside out. What if the food we purchased gave back to our bodies and gave back to the world?

Day 323: Give 323

Some people like to shop for shoes and other for cars. I like to shop for food. I love beautiful grocery … READ MORE

Day 201: Could Searching and Shopping Change the World?


What if you could help raise money for your favourite charity just by searching the internet?

Do you shop online? It seems an estimated 4.5 million people did on Christmas Day last year. What if a percentage of every dollar spent went to charity?

Could searching and shopping change the world? GoodSearch is certainly doing its best to do … READ MORE

Day 179: How to Change the World by Shopping!

I have discovered something very important. The world is a very small place and the 6 degrees of separation theory is alive and well. As we all know Twitter and Facebook and our blogging stretch across the world. The guest that I am featuring on 365give today lives pretty much in my back yard when you look at the world … READ MORE

Day 21: How to Change the World One Grain at a Time

Organic Fair Trade Rice

I shop for groceries a lot – a number of times a week in fact. It’s not one of my husband’s favourite occupations. Being a “foodie,” I like to take my time getting inspired by food in a grocery store. I have the ability and imagination to see one ingredient and build an entire meal around … READ MORE

The Soul of Money

In less than a week my mission to change the world begins. I feel like I am in the process of retraining my brain. I look for, search out and see different opportunities to give back every day. I’m discovering ways to give that I didn’t even know existed without leaving my home office.

Did you know there are sites … READ MORE

What is a “GIVE”

My sister and I had an interesting conversation around the definition of a GIVE. She asked me the difference between a GIVE as I reference “throughout my blog, versus being a “good Samaritan”. You could also add to the comparison a Random Act of Kindness or being philanthropic – or is that term for Warren Buffet and … READ MORE

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