Day 341: Where to Recycle a Battery?

Our garbage poising the planet

Toxic Landfill

What do you do with the batteries in your house once they are dead?

Do you throw them in the garbage or do you make sure they are recycled?

Day 341: Give 341

More than two billion household batteries are disposed of each year into a landfill. What’s wrong with that?  Does a dead battery really effect the … READ MORE

Day 229: I Walked Along the Bottom of the Ocean & Look What I Found (Arsenic Lead Chromium)


West Vancouver Seawall

Today was one of those socked in days here in Vancouver. We have had one of the coldest Aprils (and now May too) on record and today was no different.

Since I have a 3 year old and two dogs, I have no choice but to get outside no matter what the weather was like … READ MORE

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