Day 303: Give Gifts That Change the World

Ethical Giving for Birthdays

One of my favourite ways to change the world is to give gifts that keep on giving. It has been refereed to as Ethical Giving. If we all gave back to a cause that we truly believe in instead of adding more “stuff” to someone’s life imagine that change it would create all over the world.

Day 303: Give READ MORE

Day 270: Give a Key, Help the Homeless and Pay it Forward


The give today is in honour of my sister Karen Somers. Today is her birthday – Happy Birthday girlfriend! She lives in LA so I don’t always get the opportunity to celebrate with her. One of the things I love about my relationship with this sister ( I have 3!) is we do the girlie stuff together. … READ MORE

Day 163: The Birthday Give

Hilary and her two sons

Do you have any siblings? I do, many in fact – 3 sisters and two brothers. It took two marriages to mix us all together. I have learned over the years their is no better way to find out about yourself than through your siblings. There is an interesting connection or almost chemical reaction in … READ MORE

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