Day 342: 1 Daily Give + 1 AOK = Twice the Giving Impact

Recycle Pop Cans

I have discovered a way to 1 a daily give and double it’s giving impact.

Want to play along?

Day 341: Give 342  

Recycling for goodMy give of the day today was a simple one. My son and I were out walking when we came across some garbage at our local school grounds – 3 pop cans specifically. My son at the … READ MORE

Day 246: Do You Take the Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers?

Stopping to smell the flowers will inspire you to giveOne of the daily gives I almost always do whether I post about it or not is picking up garbage. I have two dogs and a 3 year old and we are outside walking rain or shine. I find this one of the easiest ways to teach my son about giving back to the planet. Today I decided to take … READ MORE

Day 150: It’s Garbage Day! What a Mess!

Today’s GIVE hit me on the street at 7 am this morning. I could have walked around it or over it but I decided to stop and GIVE to the planet as well as my neighbour.

Day 150: Give 150

Every morning I walk my dog early before the day gets to busy. It was cold this morning. Very unusually … READ MORE

Day 109: Should You Just Hand Out Pesos?

Things have changed since the last time I was in Mexico. The locals who sold their beaded bracelets and necklaces to the “turista’s” (tourists) on the beach are no longer allowed to roam endlessly pushing their inventory. Occasionally, I saw today, a few of them on the streets until the local police come into range and they run in the … READ MORE

Day 107: Garbage Picking in Mexico

I am taking a quick break from my $10.00 give today as a GIVE came up I wanted to share.

I am vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where my sister lives. It is a beautiful, hot vacation spot with long white beaches and lots of Mexican culture to enjoy. Music fills the air in the evenings and the hot … READ MORE

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