GIVE 96: Chip Up

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Did you know that approximately 30 – 35 million Christmas Trees are sold in North America every year.  I love a real tree as much as the next person but I also have a certain amount of guilt that goes along with it. There was one thing I can do at the end of the holiday season and that  is to take my tree to the Ambleside Tiddlecove Lions Club Chip Up. Do you have a local tree chip up near you?

GIVE 96: Day 96

Today is the day we took our beloved Christmas tree down to the Lions Club chip up. This was our chance to  support a great Club as well as recycle. Here are some of the many ways our holiday tree might be used once it is chopped  into chips. It’s legacy will live on to help other trees and gardens.

  • Landscaping and path cover for parks, school campuses and private residences
  • Ground cover in orchards and Christmas tree farms
  • Weed control around the bases of utility poles
  • Cover for playground areas
  • Landfill daily cover
  • Partial composting into mulch, Christmas Tree Recycling is good for this matter

At least I know our tree will not sit in a landfill site until, at some point, and some year, it slowly decomposes amongst the garbage. We also made a small donation to the Lions Club while we were there as they do so much for our community. Thank you Lions Club for helping our community recycle!

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

Cost: $10.00 donation only by choice

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