Here is your “Good Mood”, get up and dance, flash mob moment for the day!


I like to give to every day people doing remarkable things to change the world. I got a tweet from a women that grabbed my attention and her story is worth sharing.

I have special “give” for her at the end of the post so read on!

Day 344: Give 344

One of the easy ways I have discovered via social media to give is to vote for people to win money to support their cause. I got a tweet from @sharonsweb asking me to vote to help her win $100,000 through the Good Mood Mission with Oscar Mayer. I don’t know Sharon nor had we been twitter friends before this tweet. I admire Sharon for reaching out to as many people as possible to get votes.  $100,000 is a lot of money and it will take a lot of work to win it via a voting process.

I don’t just vote because someone asks me, I do the research to see if I believe in what their mission is first. 

Sharon as 3 children with autism spectrum disorder. Not 1 but 3. I’m not sure how you get through a day with some of the challenges that must present themselves but Sharon is raising her kids and has started a foundation to help support others dealing with autism.

Her story is worth reading and watching. She was arrested one day last year for letting one of her kids go out by himself (which he was more than capable of doing). Truly unbelievable the lack of knowledge and ignorance in the world.

I voted for Sharon immediately after reading her story and watching her video. She is an every day person trying to do remarkable things for people coping with Autism. She has started her own foundation and now needs the funds to move forward to make a difference.

Please take the time to vote for Sharon. 

I have one more “give” I will be sending to Sharon. My cousin happens to be a specialist in the world of autism – Jonathon Alderson. I immediately sent him a note and asked if he would send her a copy of his book Challenging the Myths of Autism. A book worth reading for anyone confronted by the challenges of autism in their life.


I hope you enjoy the book Sharon! Best of luck with the contest keep us posted on the results!

Time Commitment: 10 minutes to vote and get the book donated. 

Cost: 0

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story and helping with the contest!

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