Happy Canada Day!

Many countries have one day of the year that they take a day off to rest and celebrate. Today is Canada Day and I am so proud to be Canadian. I am so proud that I want to give you ways you can give back to your community, your friends / family and your country.

Day 275: Give 275

Top 5 Ways to Give back to your country on Canada DayTop 5 Ways to Give on Canada Day

1) Give to a Canadian Charity:

2) Attend a Canada Day Celebration in your neighbourhood / city and show your support!

3) Sing Oh Canada at least once during the day and wave a big flag. Be proud to be Canadian and show it.

4) Clean up part of our country – choose a public space that every one enjoys (park, beach) and clean up the garbage. Keep our beautiful country clean.

5) Host a picnic or BBQ to celebrate all thing Canadian. Ask your guests to bring a grocery item that could be donate to your local food bank.

What does being Canadian mean to you? How will you give back today? Leave us a comment how you will celebrate our great country today.

Time Commitment: Forever Commitment to Being Canadian

Cost: 0


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