Watch the video how Vancouver kids built a well in AfricaAfter all the bad news that has been in the press lately about Vancouver I am happy to share some great news about my fine city. Even better the news is about young kids that are changing the world. I did a give on Day 235 to support two local Vancouver kids that opened a lemonade stand to help raise funds to build a water well for the Obakki Foundation. (also a local Vancouver initiative). Their whole school was involved and $8000 had to be raised to support this project.

You need to watch both videos. The first video is my interview with the kids which you may have already seen. The second video is an interview with many of the kids from the school after they had reached their goal. The effect it has on these kids is amazing, we can all learn a lot from them and get the Kleenex box ready – you will need it.

Day 271: Give 271



We don’t always know the impact tour giving has had but as you can see every “give” does help. I din’t donate a huge amount of money ($20.00) but together with everyone’s help we built a water well. I am so proud that I was part of this project for two reasons:

1) This water well will change the lives and save lives of so many in Africa that are in such great need.

2) The impact this project has had on these children will last their lifetime. It’s not a lesson that can be bought but it can be taught. If we take the time to teach our kids the effect their giving will have on the world they will understand how they to can help. This is the generation that will change our world for the better if we teach them.

Thank you Cypress Park Primary for all you have done to change the world. To the kids, the parents and teachers you have set an example we can all learn from.

Please favourite and share this video on YouTube so we can inspire the world and show how children are changing the world.


  1. Stories like this, just melt your heart. Often times we dont get to see how the donations and charity efforts help folks. and this is definitely a full circle charity initiative, where not only are the kids learning responsible tips for bettering others and the world around them. But their teacher and the folks at cypress park are molding a new generation of thoughtful people.

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