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I have two dogs. Both were rescued from very different circumstances in different parts of Ontario but I found them both online through Petfinders. It gave me the opportunity to search online for a family pet that would be a great match for us. They have been in the business of pet adoption for 15 years and have assisted in the adoption of 17,000,000 animals. I feel a debt of gratitude for our dogs as our family wouldn`t be complete without them. Today was my day to give back in a small way and if we all give today we can help them make a world of difference to so many more animals in need of shelter, compassion and a home.

The contest ends today so vote now!

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Give 238: Give 238

I don`t have $500,000 to give to myself let alone to charity. But I do have a voice and a finger! This give takes one click to help the Petfinder Foundation win $500,000 from Chase Community Giving. Imagine if every person that reads this, tweets this, Facebooks and emails this voting opportunity in just a few hours the opportunity to give could travel around the world. With all of our fingers clicking by the end of the day we could give the Petfinders Foundation a donation of $500,000. t takes one minute to clicked.

I may not have $500,000 to give but all together we will have the ability to get the Chase Community Giving to donate the money instead. Isn`t this a good deal! We click they donate.

If you ever had a pet in your life you know how much they mean to you. Help me get more animals in need a home.

The contest ends today so vote today!

Time Commitment: 1 minute

Cost: 0


  1. 365give, Thank you for this site. It is my first visit as Petfinders directed me here.
    We adopted our dog Farrah from PetNetwork in Incline village, NV. She is part of the family now and our 10 year old boys love her. We supported Petfinder and hope you will support the CFIDS AA and WPI. As a Dad with ME/CFS I would ask you to support CFIDS Association and WPI with a “Vote” at and http://bitly/lgSzGG

    385give,Thank you for helping patients with ME/CFS and for saving homeless pets..

    • Thank you for coming to visit! I so appreciate your support. Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry I missed voting time today. Please let me know if there is another place you can direct me. As a parent also I don’t have the luxury to be online all the time. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you again.

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