I like to share great products I buy or use that give back in some way. The company that makes the product is either donating a portion of sales to a great cause or their product is good for the environment and for us. This next product was just developed and is only for sale online. I’m afraid to tell everyone about it just in case it sells out and I can`t get it any more. So I will share it with you but don`t pass it along it`s for 365give readers! (lol)

Day 237: Give 237


If you watched the video you will see my new favourite eco-friendly, body- friendly product is called Bob & Jane. Just by sharing my secret I feel like I`m doing my give of the day. The company behind this product is called Sensible Naturals, a local Vancouver company. Owner, founder and creator Lucas Gaudette is a good friend and he created this product for one reason – for himself. He was challenged by off the shelf deodorant products that irritated his sensitive skin. I think many of us can relate to this. Lucas started mixing essential oils in his kitchen and Bob & Jane was created. The thing I like most about Bob & Jane other than it`s good for me and the planet, it mixes with your unique body chemistry and it creates it`s own scent based on you. The bottle is reusable and soon refillable.

So keep this a secret – but order it now and give it a try. You will love the product, giving back to the planet and your body.


  1. Nice one Jacqueline, thanks for trying out Bob & Jane and doing a little spot with me. I wish you many more refreshing shower scenes!


  2. Jacqueline!!
    I love it – your in a towel, live…on your site!!! How awesome is that! (and I spotted your tattoo, also!!) (love that too!!)

    Oh – and the product – it sounds great! I’m tempted to try it out!!

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