If you have already watched this video, you may have been shocked by the “stats” of girls around the world. Here are a few highlights taken directly from the video.

  • In many places in the world girls are ignored
  • They are not given a chance to choose their future
  • Girls get married before they are women
  • Almost 50 million girls are not in school
  • Of all the people in the world that are illiterate  64% are women
  • 60% of the poorest people are women
  • An extra year of school year of secondary school increases a girl’s life time wages by as much as 25%
  • Children of educated mothers are 40% more likely to live beyond the age of 5 years

Now with this knowledge, just click the link below and give with me today. I was dollar 55,992! What will you be?

Give 236: Day 236

We can all participate in this give. It takes just a minute to click, watch and give. Support one more girl to go to school in Malawi. Let’s change the way the world thinks about women and treats women. Let’s give them the hand up they need to create the life they want, not the life that is chosen for them.

Click Here!

Watch the “Join My Village” video and $1 gets donated to educate girls in Malawi! Share it via Twitter, facebook or email and get another dollar donated. It all starts to add up. If I do it and you do it and everyone one we know just clicks – the ripple effect will start and we will all be part of raising their $100,000 goal. Even better you can call yourself “Robin Hood” as you have now taken money from the pockets of the two sponsors, General Mills and Merck and given it to girls education through Care.

Just one more quick fact if you aren’t quite yet ready to click:

“Statistically, according to UNESCO’s 2005 Education For All monitoring report, only 31% of adult women can read and write in Malawi. This is shocking when compared to men – 80% of whom are literate.”

Time Commitment: 2 minutes ( watch video, tweet & Facebook)

Cost: 0

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