Every 90 seconds a women dies from complications of pregnancy. 90% of deaths are preventable.


It is time to take action.

Day 222: Give 222

Yesterday I did a Mother’s Day post featuring a video made by The Jubilee Project. Every time this video is watched 1 penny is donated to Every Mother Counts. It was my first introduced to this organization and I wanted to find out how I could do more, how I could give more and show my support.  Here are just a few points taken from the video above that will want you to give to mothers all over the world.

  • 1000 women die every day
  • In Tanzania there are 90 obstetricians and paediatricians for 17 million women
  • In Guatemala there are 41 nurses & midwives for every 10,000 women
  • In Bangladesh 82% of all births occur without a skilled provider
  • 2 million maternal and newborn deaths happen every year due to the lack of skilled birth attendants

I am always going to charity sights to see what their mission is and how I can take action to help. More often than not they are asking for a donation of cash. Today I went to the Every Women Counts site to see how I could help other than share the ” World Without Mom’s” video. I was pleasantly surprised on all the different ways I could help.

  • Give My Time
  • Give My Voice
  • Give a Donation

Within those categories there are multiple choices and partnerships they have made to make a contribution that is right for you. I found not only 1 but 2 ways I could help.

  • I gave my voice and shared my Mother’s Day video so they new I was trying to bring awareness to their cause.
  • I donate an old phone. I have had one sitting in my desk drawer for months waiting for an opportunity to give it to a good cause.

Old phones leek toxic, hazardous waste into the planet if thrown into the garbage. Here is what one phone can do if donated to Every Women Counts.

“A $10 cell phone will give 50 families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources. The average donated phone in the US will generate 2-3 cell phones for the field. Smartphones can yield 5-10.”

They even provide a postage paid shipping label (mailed from the US) so it is easy for you just to drop your phone in the mail. They encourage you to ask your friends and family to donate their phones and even do a phone drive. What a great project for a school. As my father alwasy said when growing up “knowledge is power” and the more we can educate our children to the challenges around the world the sooner these challenges will be supported and the women of our world will get the help they need.

Time Commitment: 10 minutes at the post office

Cost: Shipping of the phone (I live outside of the US)


  1. You have a strong voice to share. A little conviction goes a long way.

    • Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind words we can only do what we can do. Conviction does go a long way and I am thrilled to be convicted to giving. Thanks for reading!

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