What is Ethical Giving?

I did a search on it and came up with a few things:

Engineers without Borders describes it as the following:  “Gifts that are locally made, fairly traded, vintage or used, digital, long term, made from good materials, and are from responsible companies.”

Plan Canada’s definition is “giving a gift that truly matters, a gift that brings with it hope and change.”

I agree with both definitions and today I am giving an Ethical Gift to a 3 year old for his birthday.

Day 214: Day 214

How much is to much stuff for our kids.

How many toys do they really need to keep them “happy” or maybe as a parent I would say “occupied.” In a story I did this past week a little boy in Lira, Uganda had one toy car he cherished. (story on Day 209) It was his only possession in the world and it was his source of entertainment all day, every day. No TV, no IPAD, no Wii. Do we keep giving our kids more stuff for them or for us?

Donations instead of more toys!

Today I am attending a birthday party of a 3 year old and their parents have asked for one thing as a gift. A donation to the BC Children’s Hospital. Their children need for nothing but there are children at the children’s hospital that need on going support and care. The smartest part of the invitation was the donation card and envelope that had been inserted so it was easy for each child attending to make a donation.  We are so excited to be attending this birthday party because of the simple things. There will be other children to play with and a cake. What else do they really need?

Time Commitment: 2 minutes to fill in the card

Cost: $50 donation which I would have spent on a gift.


  1. Jacqueline,
    As I’ve recently went through a bunch of the toys our children have, I can easily say that we have more than we *need*.

    So, I love this idea of giving to those less fortunate, as you celebrate another’s birthday. What a wonderful gift to share our gifts!

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