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I have to give this “give” to my son. He amazes me every day with his kind heart, his thoughtful personality and his charm. If I had done this today  I would never think of it as a “give” as it would have just been the right thing to do, but the fact my 3 year old did it without prompting makes teaching him about giving and kindness worth every minute.

Give 182: Day 182

Today my son took the time to help a senior. Yeh Nic! If only I had gotten it on video. We were standing in line at our local drug store waiting patiently for the lady in front of us to finish her purchase. We live in an area with a high population of seniors so we know sometimes patience is required. She was obviously a women in her 80’s and was trying to pack up her purse in preparation to leave the store when her cane that had been resting on the counter fell to the floor. Normally I would have been on this in a second but today I was nursing a leg injury and couldn’t bend down to pick up the cane. Have no fear my super 3 year old was to the rescue. He looked up at me as if to ask for approval and he was on it. One cane back in the ladies hands before she even had a chance to grab for it.

I think the best part was watching and hearing the reaction of the other people around that had witness my sons act of kindness. To everyone else this little 3 year old had performed a miracle and to me he was just being himself.

I have said it before and I will say it again. They don’t teach kindness and giving as a course in school. It’s not a prerequisite but even before my son starts school he may not be able to shoot the alphabet off the top of his head but I he knows how to give. Take the time every day to teach your children simple acts of giving. My son is proof it can be done even at 3 because we all know when he’s 16 he won’t be up for any lessons from me at that point.

Thanks Nic. I am so proud of you. You inspire me every day.

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