Giving Ideas – Environment


All you have to do is watch this video to be inspired to give today. 


Day 343: Give 343

Could you imagine living with no light in your home?

Could you imagine living without the money to afford light in your home?

As a mother I’m not sure how I would care for my family. How do you even … READ MORE


Recycle Pop Cans

I have discovered a way to 1 a daily give and double it’s giving impact.

Want to play along?

Day 341: Give 342  

Recycling for goodMy give of the day today was a simple one. My son and I were out walking when we came across some garbage at our local school grounds – 3 pop cans specifically. My son at the … READ MORE


Our garbage poising the planet

Toxic Landfill

What do you do with the batteries in your house once they are dead?

Do you throw them in the garbage or do you make sure they are recycled?

Day 341: Give 341

More than two billion household batteries are disposed of each year into a landfill. What’s wrong with that?  Does a dead battery really effect the … READ MORE


My World PandaWhat if you could take a virtual trip around the world and choose how you will help the planet? What if with a click you could pledge to help create the change that is so needed to preserve our planet and the living creatures that in habit it.

Click on the Panda and let your world wide tour begin.



Recycling GiftsHave you ever reused a gift? Some like to call it regifting. I like to call it reusing. It’s really an environmental movement waiting to happen. Is there really a point in letting things sit and collect dust when you could donate it to charity instead?

Day 330: Give 330

How many charity events have you been to that have … READ MORE


Deep River Snacks give with every bagI love food.

But I love wholesome food that makes my body feel good from the inside out. What if the food we purchased gave back to our bodies and gave back to the world?

Day 323: Give 323

Some people like to shop for shoes and other for cars. I like to shop for food. I love beautiful grocery … READ MORE


Top 5 Reasons to Build a School Garden (Quoted from FoodCorp)

1) Students learn about farming and where food comes from.

2) They provide hands-on learning opportunities that integrate math, sciences and health lessons.

3) They encourage physical activities.

4) Growing food promotes healthy eating habits.

5) School gardens provide children access to local, healthy and nourishing foods.