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According to Canada’s current animal cruelty laws, animals are considered property and cannot suffer from violence and cruel acts. Almost all Canadians (95 percent) agree that animal pain and suffering should be limited as much as possible, but we still use animal cruelty legislation enacted in 1892″

A quote taken from the CARE2 Petition Site letter I received … READ MORE


Photo of Brooklyn by Karen Somers Photography

I have two dogs. Both were rescued from very different circumstances in different parts of Ontario but I found them both online through Petfinders. It gave me the opportunity to search online for a family pet that would be a great match for us. They have been in the business of pet … READ MORE



100 – 200 sharks are killed every year allow for one thing – shark fin soup.

Do you think that this won’t change the planet?

Are you angry yet? I am. Yesterday my “give of the day” (day 224) was to help save dogs from a life of cruelty trapped in puppy mills. Today it’s sharks. Some … READ MORE


Manatee Trainer and the Lettuce Donation

Once again something has come up in our day here in Mexico that became the GIVE of the day. It was meant as a opportunity for my son to see some local sea life and turned into a donation instead.

GIVE 108 / DAY 108

The weather on my vacation has been somewhat challenging … READ MORE

Happy New Year from 365give

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2011 is here and with it comes a list of New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, get out of debt, start a fitness program, quit smoking – I am sure there is a top 10 list already created. I am asking you to put one new resolution on your list.

Resolution #1: To GIVE more. Make a commitment in your life READ MORE