311: Babies Don’t Come with Instruction Manuals

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A Babies First BlanketMy son Nicolas with his baby blanket

Buy to Give. It’s that simple. I love to buy gifts for the people in my life that are important to me. How do I make my dollars count? What if it was something as simple as a baby blanket.

Day 311: Give 311

We all have a friends or relatives that give birth to a new baby. Giving a baby gift is a tradition – actually a multi mlillion dollar business. I received so many beautiful gifts from friends and family when we brought our son home. (my son was adopted so the pre baby – baby shower was out). We felt very loved and very lucky to be given so many cute cloths, books and other gift items. In the past I have given gifts to my friends having a baby like a cleaning lady for a day. New Mom’s need all the help they can get. This time I have the perfect gift for a friend giving birth as I write.

I got an email from a women this week by the name the of Shanelle Mullin. Shanelle’s company Spark Boutique works very closely with an organization called Information Blanket. What if buying a new baby blanket as a gift could give to Mother’s and babies they may not even have the luxury of a clean new blanket?

This give is in honour of my friends Heather and Neil who as I write this are giving birth to twins today! I know they will love this giving gift. SHHH, don’t tell them but I have purchased an Information Blanket as a gift. One blanket for them and one for a baby in Uganda. Here is how it works:

Information Blanket MissionInformation Blanket Buy to GiveThis blanket covers all the things we need and a mother in Uganda needs to help care for a child:

Educational:basic care for the child is imprinted directly on the blanket

Environmentally Friendly: Non toxic dies

Baby friendly: The perfect swaddle size for warmth and comfort of a new born

The perfect gift for parents that want to make their child’s birth matter. It’s not a hard decision put your money where it will truly make a difference.

Thanks Shanelle for the perfect giving gift for my friends twins. It’s remarkable how your company is supporting such a worth cause in Uganda.

Time Commitment: 2 minutes to order

Cost: $40 (in the US extra for Canadian shipping)

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